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Segregation in our Nation

November 30, 2011 by trillingworth · No Comments · Uncategorized

Segregation in our Nation

            During the time of reconstruction after the civil war the Union had a simple goal to accomplish. Bring an end to the social segregation that had been in place for the past 150 years. The Civil War along with its revolutionary changes in social structure freed a race from its property title of years past. The reconstruction that had to be done after this massive shift in social structure lasted a whole 17 years after the end of the civil war but did it really resolve the problem at hand? Project Censored: Media Democracy in Action is an online website that brings users hot stories about their community. In recent report Project Censored posted a story about the segregation within schools and how it could potentially be worse than it was back in the 1950’s before the civil rights act of John F. Kennedy. Did reconstruction really accomplish its goal? If so then why are we seeing the issue emerge once again within our communities today?

The segregation that we saw in the post-civil war era was much worse than we have today within out nation but the foundation of this dividing force still lingers within our country. A study by the University of California released that 2 out of 5 Black or Latino children in the education system go to a highly segregated school. These observations have been reportedly caused by the increasing residential segregation of different races. Didn’t we fix that though? The civil rights movements of 1866, 1870, 1871, 1875 and of the 1960s were all based around the concept of equality of all people yet somehow the issue still creeps back into our society, as one race gets treated or segregated away from the rest just like the one kid who gets picked on during recess at elementary school.

Segregation within our nation, within our communities and within our schools has to stop! The United States as a world power and an example for other developing countries should resolve the issue of segregation for good.  The communities themselves will be first to desegregate and the schools will follow with time. We all need to realize the constitution unites us under one nation, one god and one name. America. We all are and will always be American regardless of race.

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